Journeys of Race, Color, & Culture This 'Journey' book supports designing what is needed for dialogue between People of Color and White people at a time when this can be exceedingly difficult to create. The journeys to living together in equity and inclusion are portrayed in relation to each other. Highly readable and graphically documented.
by Rick Huntley, Rianna Moore & Carol Pierce
The Power Equity Group Equity loosens energy into the room, expanding voices of diversity. Power equity group theory is a dramatic tool for personal change and group development.

Includes fold-out tri-color graphic chart.
by Carol Pierce
Male/Female Continuum
This timeless, ground-breaking book guides you on a personal journey of greater gender equity and mutual empowerment. Your job, friendships and intimate relations depend on it.
by Carol Pierce, David Wagner, & Bill Page
The Power Equity Group This thought-provoking model is incredibly helpful when dealing with heterosexism. It is a basic tool for facilitating dialogue on sexual orientation and identity issues. Differences of race, culture and gender are acknowledged.
by Heather Wishik & Carol Pierce